Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Anandghar got closed campus....

It feels amazing to see things getting shaped in front of your eyes. Around 4 years ago when we started our 1st Anandghar inside Marimata Mandir, it was just an open campus with no lights, sheds, fans. Quite often we had to give holidays, sometimes because its too hot and there now no shed to sit in and sometimes because its raining and again there was no shed to stay for a while. But things change….
Slowly community built a shed. Now we had lights, fans but still there was no closed place where we can put all the necessary stuff. We tried to get rented places but people were not much enthusiastic to give places. But things change…
We are very happy to announce that soon Anandghar is shifting in a closed campus. Though it is a rented place but now we have a place to keep stuff, to have fun, to learn new things, to watch movies, for dance practise, to read, to study and to do all things we could do…..


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