Wednesday, 24 September 2014

What we do...

a.      Evening Learning Centre:
Waste pickers aging between 6 to 70 roam around the city early in the mornings as well as late at night, collect garbage and sell that garbage to few buyers in the city who process it and sell it to the different industries at a high cost. The people who collect the garbage get very negligible amount besides tireless work and unending efforts in extremely unhygienic circumstances.
In August-September 2013, we undertook a socio-economic survey of waste pickers working in the Jalgaon city. Finding of these survey were rather deplorable. It emphasized the need to work on 3 important aspects of human life i.e. Education, Health and Addiction.
Since, we believe that lack of education is the root cause of maximum problems, So the very first issue we took we took on priority is of education. Educational status of children working as waste pickers is very poor. During our research we found that timing of schools is the major reason behind not going to school and that’s why we decided to start an evening school for the children working as waste pickers in Tambapura area where majority of waste pickers reside. We believe that running a parallel system is certainly not a solution on this problem so in this evening centre we focus on value-based education and experimentation to understand basic concepts of science and mathematics.
At the end of our research, we conducted several meetings with the children and their parents in Tambapura area. It took some time & efforts for us to gather their confidence and establish rapport with them. Evening school started on 2nd January, 2014. As of today, 35 children between age 6 to 16 attend the evening school regularly. These are either waste pickers or the children of waste pickers and people working in unorganized sector. Some of these children attend day schools while some others are either school dropouts or never went to a school. However the scholastic level of children going to school and those who never went to school is not any different. Most of them do not know how to read or write and those who do, have very poor handwriting and much poorer grammatical constructs.

Objectives of the evening school:
The main objectives of this evening school are as follows:
Ø  To create awareness about the importance of education in life.
Ø  To help children to learn, understand and read basic alphabets and numbers.
Ø  To improve their scholastic level.
Ø  To encourage maximum children to attend the day school regularly.
Ø  To help them to understand basic concepts of science and mathematics with the help of experimentation.
Ø  To gradually create awareness about hygiene and side effects of addiction.

b.      Maharashtra Social Olympiad:
Maharashtra Social Olympiad (MSO) is an initiative started by Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited and Nirman in 2013. It strive to develop an education model which will help to complete the missing piece of education i.e. character education. It facilitates the platform to, opportunities, guidance and appreciation for student group activities which expose them to various societal challenges. Enrolled teams lean to identify social challenges and needs and try to address them by themselves through real life action which gives them real insights about current scenario and reality of our society.

We have also enrolled our team of students and undertaking various activities 

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